Where do I start to share this real-life story of loving and learning, of being married beyond both life and death? This sacred marriage has no beginning and as it unfolds no apparent end. At what point do I confess that as I write I do not know what you will learn, what I may reveal that can serve your partnerships and commitments, your sacred vows and intentions? I do know that I have been guided to share these events and experiences and as I review them for this telling of the tale, I continue to grow, to evolve and to love. Since the death of my husband, Romesh Boodhram, on 7 September 2006, I have rediscovered the myriad aspects of marriage, the value of vows and the responsibilities agreed upon by us at our wedding on 5 July 1986. This is a story of a sacred marriage between two strangers who vowed to love and cherish each other and finally learned how to do so when, “Death did us part.”